Exercício sobre Pronomes Reflexivos

1-Complete com o pronome reflexive adequado:

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a)The principal _____talked to us.
b)In this book the author writes without modesty about _____.
c) Did you_____ make this cake?
d) It was very windy and the window opened by _____.
d) Today the Qeen_____ will deliver a speech.
e) Anne cut _____with the scissors.
f) We _____saw the accident.
g) Peter, Susan and Fredy _____talked with the doctor.
h) I_____will knit a sweater for Anita.
i) They bought _____a farm.
j) The soldier shot _____with his rifle.
k) The girl hurt _____when she fell.
l) I_____changed the tire.
m) The horse hurt_____ in the fence.
n) The girl will make-up_____in five minutes.Continue a ler »Exercício sobre Pronomes Reflexivos